Health Crisis in India, Save India, Save the World.

Dr KA Paul recruiting all Indians who wants to take care of themselves and their families from COVID deaths to use Anandayya medicine natural products . Dr paul who also spoke to his relative Sampath Raju is going to address the zoom press from USA in this regard at 11:00 AM today (JUNE 4th, 2021).

All of you those who are interested are invited to watch him on his Facebook page.

Join the global mission led by Dr. KA Paul to save India and the world from the pandemic and the resulting economic crisis to follow. This crisis will affect the West more than can be foreseen at this time. Millions of lives lost, trillions of dollars lost.

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Every One of you Can Do Your Part.
Dr. K A Paul and his Global Peace Initiative have trained 21 million people in 155 countries in the past 39 years to promote peace and help orphans, widows, poor, and the needy with economic and humanitarian aid. To save India, we urgently need medicines, oxygen concentrators, ventilators, vaccines, doctors, nurses and donations.
Now he is calling upon all people of all faiths from all nations to save millions of dying Indians before it is too late. Now or Never. Ps. Rob Ratola says World’s largest democracy, India (Dr. Paul’s birth nation), and the second-largest democracy, USA (Dr. Paul’s adopted nation), must work together. Indian media is not allowed to report the facts. Several journalists are killed in the past few years; cases have been filed for reporting the facts. Due to this we are asking the international media to investigate and report boldly. On March 18th, 2021 Dr. Paul was joined by Indian national leaders including Shri. Rakesh Tikait in Delhi to expose and confront PM Modi’s failures and failed policies.


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India is the most infected country in the world because of this second wave of Covid-19. Lives are being lost every day. Mourning and suffering are in every house. India needs help, India needs prayer, India needs support. Join Dr. K.A Paul in saving India. ICMR says 20% of Indians are infected with COVID-19 in India but other doctors and experts say at least 50% are infected.

"21 Million Volunteers
50% Indians Affected (700 Million Indians Infected)"

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Dr. KA Paul
President, Global Peace Intiative

Commonly known as K.A. Paul, he has been called “the 8th wonder of the world” by many because it is beyond human imagination how a small, indigent, Indian village boy could possibly become “the world’s most popular evangelist” as described by many, including the New Republic Magazine in a cover story in May 2004, and repeated thereafter by many media outlets. He is frequently called “The  Modern Day Gandhi.”

He was nominated several times for the Nobel Peace Prize, the most recent nomination being in 2021. In 2018 Norway News called him the “8th Wonder of the World.”
The U.K. Independent called him the “Most Successful Evangelist.”
Fox News has labeled him as a “Renowned Peacemaker.”
New York Times has dubbed him as a “Next Billy Graham.”

World’s Only 4-Time Heavyweight Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield Joins Dr. KA Paul in Plea to Save India

Dr. KA Paul is risking his life by going against the Indian government policies by quoting, “If you can’t find a reason to die, you better not live”. He is working day and night to convince the Indian government to change policies during this Covid pandemic.

We are in the midst of one of the severest humanitarian crises in a century. With the surge in the second wave, a disastrous tragedy is unfolding in India, especially in the lives of the vulnerable communities who are battling the virus as well as daily survival. Millions have been rendered homeless and without a livelihood, with quality care of old, young and even children compromised. Children are at a far greater risk as the second wave of COVID-19 strikes India. Fear of getting infected with COVID-19, anxiety to succumb to the virus, concern for an infected relative, and the thought of losing a loved one to this virus is the current state of mind for most Indians.
In these trying times GPI expresses solidarity with the people to fight COVID-19 as well as to reach out and support to the best of our ability. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the country, in all terms of scale, speed of spread and impact, as a measure of response, GPI has developed different strategies to cater to the emerging health and humanitarian crisis among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children, families and communities, while ensuring that all the children under our care, too, remain safe and secure.
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Join hands with the world's most popular evangelist, humanitarian & peacemaker to help millions of Indians and others to overcome this Covid inflicted disaster. Donate for Humanity!